Points of Interest

All along the Taff Trail there are some great places to stop off to admire views, to visit heritage sites and other geographical places of interest, as well as pubs, buildings, bridges and parks. Here, we bring all the points of interest that we have added to My Taff Trail.

Here's a list of our favourites shown in geographical order from south (Cardiff Bay) to north (Brecon).

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Cardiff Castle Riverside

Cardiff Castle

With over 2000 years of history, Cardiff Castle is one of Wales' oldest and most well-known castles. Over the centuries, the Castle has been a Roman Garrison, a Norman stronghold and, in Victorian times, was transformed into a gothic fairytale fantasy.

Cardiff Castle can be found in Cardiff City Centre alongside Bute Park and is just a stone's throw from the Taff Trail. You can find out more at the official Cardiff Castle website.

Castell Coch Tongwynlais

Castell Coch

Castell Coch (Red Castle) was designed by William Burgess in 1871 and built between 1875 and 1891 for the third marquess of Bute, John Patrick Crichton-Stuart, whose main residence was Cardiff Castle.

The Gothic Revival castle is built on the remains of a thirteenth century fortification and is impressive in its medieval design and appearance. It has a working portcullis and drawbridge and interiors that rival those of Cardiff Castle. It has been stated that it is 'the most spectacular example of (Burgess') translation from High Gothic into High Victorian'.

Cyfarthfa Castle Merthyr Tydfil

The castle was designed by Richard Lugar for the Crawshay family and was built in 1824 at a cost of £30,000. Since 1910, the castle has been a museum and school.

The castle underwent an extensive refurbishment in 1992. For more information visit the official website.

If you know of any points of interest that you'd like us to include on My Taff Trail please let us know by using the contact form.